Berton Jerome Schneider


Born: 5 May 1933
Died: 12 December 2011

Bert Schneider was a well-known film producer who was also a supporter of the Black Panther Party, most notably in helping Huey Newton flee the United States in 1974.

FOIA Information

This release consists of 9 pages of documents. For reasons unknown, the file number is redacted. It deals with an investigation into Schneider's unauthorized travel to Cuba. In its letter, the FBI indicated that unspecified files that are potentially responsive to this request are currently missing and that unspecified files were destroyed on November 15, 1971, and April 17, 2003. These are likely 157-HQ-4535, his main file, and cross-references in 100-HQ-45995 and 100-HQ-56190 since they are listed on the search slip.

Letter 1 – "File Released; Records Missing; Records Destroyed"

List of Deletions
Search Slip

Subject of Request

Files Held by the National Archives

157-HQ-19403 (contains ~500 pages dated between 9/29/1970 and 8/13/1976, needs to be reviewed)
157-HQ-19403 v. 1
157-HQ-19403 v. 2
157-HQ-19403 (Serial 94) Enclosure
157-HQ-19403 (Serial 115) Bulky Enclosure
157-LA-5154 v. 1 (contains ~800 pages dated between 11/17/1971 and 8/13/1976, needs to be reviewed)
157-LA-5154 v. 2
157-LA-5154 v. 3


[redacted] 1976 April 30 Legal Attaché, Mexico City to Director
[redacted] 1976 May 24 Director to SACs Los Angeles and WFO
[redacted] 1976 July 21 SAC WFO to Director
157-HQ-19403 1976 August 13 Assistant Director in Charge, Los Angeles to Director