Robert James Hutton


Alias: Lil' Bobby
Born: 21 April 1950
Died: 6 April 1968

At age 15, Bobby Hutton became the first person to officially join the Black Panther Party. When the party adopted a formal structure, he served as its treasurer. Hutton died in a shootout with Oakland police in April 1968 shortly after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Files Held by the National Archives

44-HQ-39511 v. 1 (550 pages, requires review)
44-HQ-39511 v. 2
(300 pages, requires review)
157-HQ-8875 (49 pages, requires review)
157-NY-9616 (23 pages, requires review)

FOIA Information

The FBI retains no records on Bobby Hutton. Potentially responsive records were destroyed on June 13, 2007. All other responsive records have been transferred to the National Archives II.

Letter 1 – "Files at NARA"
Letter 2 – "Records Destroyed"
Letter 3 – "NARA Inventory"