Clifton Leonard Morgan


Alternate Name: Babatunde X. Omowale
Born: 12 June 1944
Died: 28 July 1970

Clifton Morgan was a member of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party. His body was found in late July 1970 near the Illinois Central Railroad in Chicago, with the apparent cause of death being an explosion. The Panthers blamed his death on the police, citing previous, though unattributable, attempts on his life and the life of his wife. Alternatively, the police believed it was an accident caused by Morgan, claiming to have found bomb-making materials in his apartment—chemicals, pipes, fusing devices, and so forth.

FOIA Information

The FBI indicated that file 157-CG-4847, potentially responsive to this request, was destroyed in February of 2005. The documents provided here represent the final release of information in response to this request.

Release Letter


105-165706-30-148 1970 March 6 Report of the Milwaukee Field Office
105-165706-9-1253 1970 July 27 SAC Chicago to Director
105-165706-9-1280 1970 July 31 SAC Chicago to Director