Detroit – Missing Files and Serials


From roughly 1976 to 1980, the Detroit Field Office conducted a search to locate a number of missing files or volumes or serials from files. They were able to locate a number of missing files. However, at the end of the search, the files or portions of files on the subjects I have listed below appear to have still been missing. It is possible that the files or serials have been located in the intervening period. However, the two Detroit Field Office files I requested, COINTELPRO–Black Nationalist–Hate Groups and COINTELPRO–New Left, are still missing. Where only a portion of the file was reported missing, I have listed partial after the subject heading. The entire file on the search for missing files and serials, 66-DE-2853, is included in a single PDF below.

Al-Khakan, Rabah Ali (AKA Rabah El Khohan)
Allan, William
Anastos, Ernest
Arab Terrorist Activities in the U.S.
Bricker, Samuel
Bougher, Dale Vernon
Campbell, Frank
COINTELPRO–Black Nationalist

Communist Information Bureau of Belgrade [partial]
Crime Conditions in Michigan [partial]
Defense Contract Administration Services – Defense Supply Agency
Dickman, Paul Henry (AKA John M. Beasley)
Gonzalez, Felix Gabriel, II (AKA Merril Almquist)
Gullifor, Dale
Jefferson, Larry King
Jones, Henry Marc
King, Frank Robert
Liaison Program – American Motors Corporation
Manpower Cost Report
Mobley, Paul N., Jr. [partial]
Moore, Helen
Moore, William H.
Paige, Gary
Rabble Rouser Index (AKA Agitator Index)
Peoples Republic of China Intelligence Activities
Provenzano, Joseph Wayne
Sarkisian, Edward (AKA Baldy)
Unknown Subject; 1968 Mercury Comet
Unknown Subjects; Cashing Altered Money Orders
Walker, Eleanor