Donald Gregory Weems


Alternate Name: Kuwasi Balagoon
Born: 22 December 1946
Died: 13 December 1986

Donald Weems was a member of the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army in New York. He was convicted of killing a Brink's guard and two policemen in a million-dollar heist in West Nyack, New York, in October 1981 and died in prison.

FOIA Information

By letter, the FBI indicated that it retains 204,600 pages of records potentially responsive to this request. In negotiation with the FBI via telephone they changed the estimated page count to roughly half of that. They indicated that the FBI maintained no HQ main file on Donald Weems (Kuwasi Balagoon); all files concern the Brink's heist. As a result of the expense, no files were requested.