Hakim Abdullah Jamal


Birth Name: Allen Eugene Donaldson
Born: 28 March 1931
Died: 1 May 1973

Hakim Jamal was a member of the Nation of Islam and leader of the Malcolm X Foundation in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The release below consists of one document (prefix 95, "Laboratory Examinations") looking at the evidence left at the scene of Jamal's murder. Five men from the radical De Mau Mau group—Efrid Brown, John Clinkscale, Phillip Key, Isaac Mitchell, and Abdullah Sabree—were convicted or plead guilty to murder or manslaughter.

Files Held by the National Archives

100-HQ-444622 v. 1
100-HQ-444622 v. 2
100-HQ-444622 v. 3
100-LA-66613 v. 1

100-LA-66613 v. 2
100-LA-66613 v. 3
100-LA-66613 v. Sub 1A v.1

FOIA Information

The FBI indicated that files potentially responsive to this request have been lost. The FBI will provide no further information on lost files. The remaining files are retained by NARA, as specified above.

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95-185081-1 1973 May 30 FBI to Boston Police Department