Alvert Joe Linthcome


Alternate Name: Joey Linthcome
Born: 17 March 1950
Died: 30 March 1969

Joey Linthcome had just turned 19 years old at the time he was shot and killed by Officer Gerald Roberts of the San Francisco PD on suspicion of robbing and killing a grocery store owner, which the police quickly learned he did not do. Linthcome was traveling in a stolen car and the officer speciously claimed Linthcome had a gun when he was caught in a record store. Though Linthcome was not a member, this killing of an unarmed black teen by police became a rallying point for the Black Panther Party, as the killing of Matthew Johnson by police in Hunters Point in September 1966 and the killing of Denzil Dowell by police in Richmond in April 1967 both did as well.

FOIA Information

Below is file 44-HQ-42052 Sub A, a collection of 21 pages of newspaper clippings gathered by the FBI regarding Joey Linthcome. Three more sections of this file are in processing.


44-HQ-42052 Sub A