Joseph Lucsuic Hebert Jr.


Born: ca. 1952
Died: 15 February 1975

Joseph Hebert was a member of the Black Panther Party in Seattle who was shot and killed by Officer Allen J. Earlywine on suspicion of robbery.

FOIA Information

The FBI maintains no records on Joseph Hebert. It referred me to the HQ main file for COINTELPRO, as well as the Seattle Field Office file, because I asked for a search of cross-references in those files. NARA said no such cross-references of his name exist in the field office file. Also, having read the HQ main file and copied and read the Seattle Field Office file at NARA, I can confirm his name is not cross-referenced in either file.

Letter 1 – "No Records"
Letter 2 – "Cross-References"
Letter 3 – "No Cross-References"