Kingman Brewster Jr.


Born: 17 June 1919
Died: 8 November 1988

Kingman Brewster was president of Yale University from 1963 to 1977, during a period of frequent student protest. However, the file below consists of information gathered about him in April 1965 for consideration for a presidential appointment, though student protest is mentioned. The 30-page file is presented in a single PDF. The only potentially derogatory information found, according to the FBI, was that Brewster's father may have been pro-Nazi and a member of the Silver Shirt Legion of America, with contacts at the Germany Embassy; Brewster's son was arrested for narcotics and was a conscientious objector; Brewster approved of anti–Vietnam War protests at graduation; and Brewster stated the FBI was supposed to check with him before contacting Yale students.

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Letter 1 – "Documents at NARA"
Letter 2 – "File Released"