Malcolm Boyd


Born: 8 June 1923
Died: 27 February 2015

Malcolm Boyd was an Episcopal priest, author, and activist who was involved in the movements for African American civil rights and LGBT rights, among other causes. His brief file includes investigations for two reasons: one was a name check in 1965 following a request made for the support of the attorney general for the performance of four plays written by Boyd about race that were about to be performed at the National Cathedral and the other was an investigation of a 1967 trip he was a part of as a member of the Czechoslovak Peace Committee.

FOIA Information

This release includes 21 pages from file 100-HQ-448666. This represents the final release of information responsive to this request.

Letter 1 – "File at NARA"
Letter 2 – "NARA File Responsive"
Letter 3 – "No Further Files"

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100-HQ-448666-2 1965 March 16 Harold F. Reis to Director • Thomas B. Allen
• James Baldwin
• Jules Feiffer
• Federico Fellini
• Cliff Frazier
• Nicholas deB. Katzenbach
• Woodie King Jr.
• Norman Mailer
• Paul Moore Jr.
• Tom Reeves
• Mary Schorn
100-HQ-448666-1 1965 March 16 Rosen to Belmont • Nicholas deB. Katzenbach
100-HQ-448666-2 1965 March 19 Director to Harold F. Reis • James Nelson
• Lincoln S. Dring Jr.
100-HQ-448666-3 1967 December 14 SAC WFO to Director • Beatrice (Joseph) Boyd
• Melville Boyd
• Forrest F. Burgess (SA)
• Dave Dellinger
• Nick Egleson
• Tom Hayden
• Nguyen Ming Vy
• Nguyen Thi Binh