Mark Everett Comfort


Born: 6 February 1934
: 6 November 1976

Mark Comfort was a member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the Ad Hoc Committee to End Discrimination, and the Oakland Direct Action Committee, who was also affiliated with the Black Panther Party. The file below, in a single PDF, contains just 9 pages. Almost all of the files on Mark Comfort—amounting to about 4,105 pages—are retained by the National Archives. Two files specified in the FBI's letter were deemed unresponsive. The subject of file 100-HQ-422481 is Gloria Ann Comfort, and the subject of file 100-HQ-439673 is Philip Chapin Davis. Additionally, the FBI reported that files have been lost. The Bureau also reported that the following files have been destroyed:

44-SF-581 (Civil Rights, San Francisco Field Office)
100-MO-1915 (Internal Security/Domestic Security, Mobile Field Office)
116-HQ-470446 (Department of Energy, Applicant)

Files Held by the National Archives

100-HQ-424397 v. 1
100-HQ-424397 v. 2
100-HQ-424397 v. 3

100-HQ-424397 EBF
100-PD-11481 v. 1
100-PD-11481 v. 2
100-SF-39162 v. 1
100-SF-39162 v. 2
100-SF-39162 v. 3
100-SF-39162 v. 4
100-SF-39162 v. 5
100-SF-39162 v. 6
100-SF-39162 v. 7
100-SF-39162 v. 8
100-SF-39162 v. 9
100-SF-39162 v. 10
100-SF-39162 Sub A

FOIA Information

Letter 1 – "Records Released; Files Lost; Files Destroyed; Files at NARA"
Letter 2 – "Files at NARA"