Michael Aloysius Tabor


Alternate Name: Cetewayo
Born: 13 December 1946
Died: 17 October 2010

Michael Tabor was a captain in the New York Black Panther Party and a defendant in the Panther 21 trial.

Files Held by the National Archives

157-NY-3648 v. 1
157-NY-3648 v. 2
157-NY-3648 v. 3
157-NY-3648 v. 4
157-NY-3648 v. 5

FOIA Information

The FBI indicated that records potentially responsive to this request have been lost. The FBI's reference to a responsive file, 100-NY-161140, is the New York Field Office file for COINTELPRO Black Nationalist Hate Groups, which is retained by NARA and has yet to be processed. NARA also retains additional responsive records not noted by the FBI, as I have listed above.