Reginald Wadsworth Major


Born: 8 February 1926
Died: 20 June 2011

Reginald Major accomplished much as a movement activist, organizing numerous protests, serving as educational director of the NAACP, and publishing a great deal of scholarly work. He was the author of The Panther Is a Black Cat (1971), about the birth and growth of the Black Panther Party.

This release is a 121 investigation, "loyalty of government employees," as Reginald Major worked at the Naval Supply Center in Oakland in 1951, and the FBI found out he had been a member of the Socialist Youth League and the Young Progressives of America in Chicago in late 1948. However, the investigation ended quickly when the FBI found out he was no longer employed at the Naval Supply Center.

FOIA Information

The release below is file 121-HQ-32446. The FBI destroyed file 157-SF-4572 on February 4, 2009. File 157-HQ-27212, which is also responsive to this request, is at the National Archives II.

Letter 1 – "Documents Released; File Destroyed; File at NARA"

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121-32446 1951 August 28 Belmont to Tracy
121-32446-1 1951 August 29 Director to SAC San Francisco • Julian R. Walters (SA)
121-32446 1951 August 29 Blind Memo to Navy
121-32446 1951 September 7 SAC San Francisco to Director and SACs WFO, New York, and Chicago
121-32446 1951 September 8 SAC WFO to Director
121-32446 1951 September 17 Director to James Hatcher
121-32446 1951 September 28 SAC New York to Director
121-32446 1951 September 28 SAC Chicago to Director