Ruby Doris Smith Robinson


Born: 25 April 1942
Died: 7 October 1967
FBI Number: 716 461 D

Ruby Doris Smith Robinson was one of the earliest and longest-serving activists in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, as well as the only woman to hold the position of executive secretary.

FOIA Information

This release consists of 23 pages of documents composing file 140-HQ-32313, with 140 indicating it deals with "Security of Government Employees" because Smith Robinson had taken a job as a temporary substitute distribution clerk at the Post Office Department in Atlanta, Georgia, which the FBI believed warranted a multioffice investigation. While headquarters stated, “You are cautioned that in conducting any inquires every effort should be made to preclude giving the impression that investigation is being conducted solely upon this individual’s activities in connection with integration efforts,” that seems exactly where the search was directed until Smith Robinson resigned her position before it could be completed.

Letter 1 – "Previously Processed Documents"

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140-HQ-32313-1 1966 February 15 Security Investigation Data for Nonsensitive Position • Clifford Robinson Jr.
140-HQ-32313-1 1966 March 10 Director to SACs Atlanta, Jackson, New Orleans, Charlotte, Knoxville, Memphis, Mobile, Birmingham, Columbia, and WFO
140-HQ-32313 1966 March 10 Gale to Trotter
140-HQ-32313-4 1966 March 15 SAC Atlanta to Director
140-HQ-32313 1966 March 15 SAC Charlotte to SAC Columbia
140-HQ-32313-2 1966 March 21 SAC WFO to Director
140-HQ-32313-3 1966 March 28 SAC Columbia to Director
140-HQ-32313 1966 April 14 Letter
140-HQ-32313-A 1966 May 17 Washington Post and Times Herald Article • Stokely Carmichael
• James Forman
• Martin Luther King Jr.
• John Lewis
140-HQ-32313-5 1968 February 21 LHM Ruby Robinson • Milan Miskovsky